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From Marathoner to Sprinter

· 2 min read
Aircampi, Inc.


As Virginia Burden notes that “Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there,” a successful business comes down to clever team management. Together as one, it’s important for any team to set goals and objectives that can be achieved efficiently. In our case, it was important for us to determine how to improve our creativity and productivity because we worked mostly on large-scale applications.

The waterfall model follows a top-down approach, going through every step in linear progress. With the waterfall method, it was hard finding employees who met the challenge. We worked on big projects that required complex code logic – something that wasn’t easily grasped upon for a while. Even if we found such a person that took on the difficulty, it was costly to hire those people. Of course, we had an option to train inexperienced employees but it took a great amount of time to reach the desired level, some leaving in the middle of training.

As our “marathon” way was not delivering promising results, we switched to a newer and better way – sprinting. We broke our long journey into shorter paths, setting clear goals with every finish line. Seeing where the finish line was, or, in other words, knowing what to do in short periods facilitates efficiency and productivity. Once we “divide and conquer ''-ed it, we were twice as strong as ever. Dividing our work ensured us that we didn't have to be a perfect all-rounder because assembly of different skills and knowledge cultivates innovative solutions. Everyone had an important role to keep up in the team.


Teamwork is a valuable commodity and it can make or break an organization. Even though there isn’t a universally acknowledged way, effective team management is certainly achievable regardless of any kind of team. For us, the “sprinter” method ensured us a quick and easy way to work towards our goal. Whether it’s a big or complex project, we are now able to tackle any work much easier than before.

Rather than being perfect individually, we are perfect as one team.